Tips I learned from the “Green” Seminar at the Breast Cancer Conference

Here is some more information that I received from the BC conference that I wanted to pass along. There is a 2 page list of “safe” makeup/personal hygiene product companies to use and I also scanned in some quick tip sheets they gave me as well. This was all given to me by the scientists from the Breast Cancer Fund. And there is a report on their website that they handed out (click on “media” on the top right corner- you are looking for the report State of the Evidence)  and there will be a new one published soon that you can download from their website. Basically what the Breast Cancer Fund does is comb through all of the legitimate research studies out there about the environment and cancer links and put it together in 1 report that is easy to read. It is not “we think” but “we know” research. And some if it was scary- like the BPA in cans.

Here are some other tips I wanted to mention that I learned;

1. Use Stainless steel or glass when ever possible.
2. 1,2, 4 and 5 are safer plastics
3. Do not heat any microwavable safe plastics – or saran wrap.
4. Aluminum bottles are also not great because they require a liner, anodized aluminum is ok.
5. No teflon coated pans- use cast iron- it can be just as non-stick if you “season” it.
6. Do not eat any food that comes out of a can.
7. Thermal receipts from credit cards/ cash registers have BPA all over them. If you can skip a receipt don’t take it. They look just like the ones that are BPA free (I just bought these for work) so to be on the safe side don’t handle these receipts- it’s absorbed by your skin.
8. Stop cleaning with all of these harsh chemicals. They recommended vinegar, Castile soap (I have to research this I don’t know what it is) & baking soda to clean your tub/tile -just don’t mix vinegar and baking soda you will get a volcano! They also said a steamer for tile cleaning is great -it disinfects and kills mold with no harsh chemicals.
9. And there is something that is really bad in sofa cushions. I need to do more research on this. I guess it’s the flame retardent that they put on new sofas. So if your getting a new mattress or sofa- I can help you do the research.
10. Baby shampoo has formaldehyde in it! It may be hidden in the “fragrance” area
11. Avoid synthetic fragrance- which is most things with any fragrance including perfume.
12. Emissions from gas cars I guess are linked to BC. Guess I am going to have to move since I live on a highway.
13.  The dirty dozen- the foods with the most amount of pesticides. They still want us to eat these but they want us to know what are the bad ones and if you can buy organic instead.
14. Find out how your current makeups & products rank-

I hope this helps everyone get a little more chemicals out of our daily lives. Karen