Real Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

The truth about wigs

“Real” wigs are hot, heavy, expensive and need to be cleaned every couple of days.  You want the synthetic ones- they don’t need to be washed often, they are light and breathable and can be styled easily and hold their style. I was surprised when I found this out- I always thought real was better. And why were people donating hair to charities all these years for cancer patients, when a synthetic is better? It makes people feel good to donate their locks I guess.

I highly recommend you get a wig before you lose your hair so the wig stylist can match your color and cut. A very good wig stylist will take great pains to match your color and will style it for you. Usually wigs don’t look that good out of a box, they have to be styled just like your hair.  And they can stretch your wig if it is too tight. All these things I learned from Gail, the Wig stylist at The Caring Place at the new cancer center for Winchester Hospital on Washington St in Woburn, MA. Feel free to call her (781-765-5000)  if you ever need her services- she is awesome at what she does!