CancerVictory- practical gifts for cancer patients!

Welcome to Cancer Victory! After my battle with Breast Cancer in 2008, I was frustrated that practical and useful items to help with the side affects from treatment were not in the hospital gift shop. Why is it so difficult for the hospital gift shop to carry things other than jewelry, t-shirts, wigs, bras and scented lotions. There are lots of innovative items out there to help with surgical drains, hot flashes, and nausea. Hospitals are doing a disservice to their patients if they think a breast cancer bracelet is going to help. So that’s why I started Cancer Victory. So patients and their families have one place to go to find practical, useful items to help with cancer treatment. Cancer patients will feel a little more equipped to handle the battle ahead and family/ friends will feel like they are giving something that will truly help.

For the last couple of months we have been working on a whole new website, that is easier to navigate for customers, and easier for me to update. But I have also been hard at work finding new products- like temporary nipple tattoos, scarves that are actually drain holders and comfortable post surgical shirts that hide your drains and help you feel a little more human.

Along with the new products, there is about 10 pages of tips & advice from survivors to cancer patients on how to get through all of this. I felt we needed to expand our tips & advice section. Our goal going forward is to continue to find innovative products that are useful as well as expand our tips & advice section to help with additional forms of cancer other than breast.