My Favorite Charities

So there are a LOT of Breast Cancer non-profits and organizations out there but here are 2 local Massachusetts groups that I have personal experience with and that really give practical help to women going through cancer treatment. The Ellie Fund really helped us when I couldn’t work as much because of chemo & radiation treatments and money was tight. They gave us prepared but frozen ready to heat meals and supermarket gift cards to help pay for food. Email [email protected] to find out more about getting help while your going through breast cancer treatment or if you want to donate you can go to the Ellie Fund website. This organization is stellar and really fulfills a big need.

And the second organization I want to mention- is Heaps of Hope, started by Holly Walton, a local ma cancer patient, she underwent treatment around the same time I did, but instead of starting she started Heaps of Hope. It’s a non-profit that helps women undergoing cancer treatment pay their co-pays and also provides grocery store gift cards. 100% of all money donated go to cancer patients. Holly uses her day job to pay for expenses like postage etc. If you wanted to donate to a worthy cause and know your money would really help someone who needed it- this would be a great charity. Cancer patients have to be vetted by an application process or by a recommendation from a social worker.  Contact Holly [email protected] to apply or donate on Heaps of Hope website.

Ellie Fund Breast Cancer Patient Help

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