Bald is Beautiful, Henna tattoos on Cancer patients

When I was at a C4YW Conference in February, I met a woman named Stephanie who just finished Chemo and she has a henna tattoo on her scalp. It was awesome! Stephanie said it was her way of celebrating the end of Chemo. And you know I am all for throwing yourself an end of Chemo party with anti-cancer cupcakes! This is just another way to do that with style… and class…

Stephanie with her Henna Tattoo to celebrate the end of Chemo. Mardi Gras themed since she was going to the Conf in New Orleans


So a friend of mine sent me this article about Henna Tattoos on cancer patients and then I found this one as well. It seems to be a trend I knew nothing about! What a great gift this would make to a patient. And make sure they use the real, natural Henna.