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What Cancer Patients should Eat by Chef Gloria Bakst

Gloria B. is a personal Chef in the Boston area who has experience cooking for cancer patients undergoing active treatment. She also is a personal chef to non-cancer patients who just want to change the way they eat, lose weight, improve your overall health. Here is a blog post from Gloria for CancerVictory! Thanks Gloria! […]

Rehab and Physical Therapy after Cancer treatment & surgeries!

I was reading this great article, “Survivors Face a Major Gap in Post-Cancer Care”, on the other day and it brought up a good point, that most of the doctor’s never mention you should go to physical therapy after breast cancer surgeries and or radiation. As a cancer survivor I have to said it […]

Chemo Brain! and something else I was going to mention… but can’t remember. ha ha

In February I went to the Breast Cancer Conference and I missed this workshop on Chemo brain. I just listened to it, and it was well worth 50 minutes of my time. It was a great presentation by Dr. Pamela Joyce Shapiro, who not only explained why we get chemo brain, and all of the […]

What to expect at Chemo…

Two things I want to say before I dive into this. Everything is temporary. (every situation is temporary-thank goodness and time will pass) and Everyone takes chemo differently- even the same exact chemos. Before I was a cancer patient- I didn’t know the different between chemotherapy and radiation. It seems ridiculous now- but that’s common. […]