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A Cancer Survivors’ adventure in Healthy Eating, Better late than never

It’s been 4 years since I was undergoing cancer treatment- and only recently did I start to really look at my diet. What changed might you ask? A good friend of mine was just told her breast cancer metastasized to her lungs. And I instantly thought of another friend I met this summer, Chopper. Chopper […]

Bald is Beautiful, Henna tattoos on Cancer patients

When I was at a C4YW Conference in February, I met a woman named Stephanie who just finished Chemo and she has a henna tattoo on her scalp. It was awesome! Stephanie said it was her way of celebrating the end of Chemo. And you know I am all for throwing yourself an end of […]

Creating “Art” with a tumor, one survivors way to visualize her cancer

On Studio 360 from NPR, they highlighted an artist, Leonor Caraballo, and her project “Object Breast Cancer” who took her actual MRI slides from her cancer diagnosis in 2008 and made a solid object from the tumor that was scanned there. I put the word “art” in quotes not because it is not an art […]

Photographing Survivor Stories…

Carla Ten Eyck, a local Hartford, Connecticut photographer decided to do something about so much cancer around her. She is going to take pictures of Cancer Survivors at her photography workshops and not only tell their stories but give 10% of her workshop profits to a charity of the survivor’s choice! And I am very […]

Laughing at Cancer

I recently was sent an email from a friend who read an article from Miss Conduct from the Boston Globe. This was the question… I am a cancer survivor and lost my mother to cancer. A dear friend has recently been judgmental about the fact that I use humor to cope. She disagrees that laughter […]

CancerVictory- practical gifts for cancer patients!

Welcome to Cancer Victory! After my battle with Breast Cancer in 2008, I was frustrated that practical and useful items to help with the side affects from treatment were not in the hospital gift shop. Why is it so difficult for the hospital gift shop to carry things other than jewelry, t-shirts, wigs, bras and […]

Real Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

The truth about wigs “Real” wigs are hot, heavy, expensive and need to be cleaned every couple of days.  You want the synthetic ones- they don’t need to be washed often, they are light and breathable and can be styled easily and hold their style. I was surprised when I found this out- I always […]

Dammit Dolls!

Dammit Dolls- a great invention when you really have some anger to work out. There is a hole in the wall at my old condo- I just couldn’t bring myself to patch it. That was my “Dammit I have cancer!”  hole. I made a whole bunch of these for Survivors by the Sea, and have […]

Not afraid of Spiders, bright side to Cancer

Spiders anymore! I know this sounds weird but ever since cancer I am not afraid of spiders anymore because cancer gave me a new perspective. How can a little spider hurt me when I have gone through what most people consider hell on earth. So the house is also a little dirtier, the errands don’t […]

Tips I learned from the “Green” Seminar at the Breast Cancer Conference

Here is some more information that I received from the BC conference that I wanted to pass along. There is a 2 page list of “safe” makeup/personal hygiene product companies to use and I also scanned in some quick tip sheets they gave me as well. This was all given to me by the scientists […]