Gifts for Cancer Patients

Here are a list of things that you can easily provide on your own besides anything in the Shop area of CancerVictory. Keep in mind that chemo can dramatically increase a patient’s sensitivity to scents and tastes. Send hypoallergenic and unscented items. Even calming lavender can be an irritant to a chemo patient!

Food- Homemade or take-out from a restaurant- check with patient first for diet needs.

Giftcards for food from a home delivery service.

Money! (So patients can pay whatever bills they need to)

Housecleaning- do it yourself or hire a maid service

Laughter-  it’s priceless

Books to read

Crafts to do while at Chemo or in Waiting rooms

iPod/MP3 Player

Mix CD of uplifting or calming music

DVDS (movies to watch when you can’t sleep)

Subscription to Netflix (they can get movies sent to them through the mail)

Blank Thank You notes- this is actually something that is really useful to patients- we always have a lot of people to thank

Extremely soft cotton (tagless) pajamas or a new set of super soft cotton sheets.

Hot water bottle /Re-usable ice pack

Ginger tea/ Ginger beer (anything with Real ginger in the ingredients helps reduce nausea). You can find this at Health Food Stores or Trader Joe’s.


Breakfast in bed tray (really useful for recuperating from surgeries)