• Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize
  • Expect tan lines!


  • A good acupuncturist can help you with sleep problems, fatigue and body aches. My acupuncturist also helped me prevent the radiation from burning me as badly or as quickly as it could have.

What to wear

  • Pull out all your old soft cotton t-shirts because your skin is going to be really sensitive and these are going to be the only things that help.  I couldn’t wear my bra, the straps were just too painful. I wore lots of old super soft t-shirts and tank tops under larger, loose sweaters.  I also bought some tank tops that had a shelf bra built-in, and wore them inside-out to keep the elastic away from my skin.
  • Remove all the itchy tags!
  • Don’t spend a lot of money on these items, it is only going to be temporary.


CanverVictory.com shares the things that survivors, including myself, learned while being treated for cancer. We are not medical professionals and everyone is different, so please consult your physician about anything you read on this site or on any other site. Your health is important and you should make all medical decisions in consultation with your doctor.