Recommended Websites

  • (a great way to keep all your friends and family up-to-date on your battle)
  • (a free website that coordinates and organizing all the friends/family that want to help)
  • (another option for a website that coordinates and organizes all the helping hands)
  • (this woman is an example of an inspiring and uplifting woman living with cancer)
  • (Gloria is a local boston area personal chef who also does nutritional & lifestyle coaching. She has worked for several patients in the Boston area as their personal chef. Check out her website to see what an asset having healthy meals prepared for you is while you are undergoing treatment or just trying to get healthy.)
  • (in case you have some anger issues or a sense of humor- this is a great idea instead of cross-stitching bunnies and hearts)
  • (I sell these in the shop area, but if you want the whole story behind these helpful little record keepers check out Ann’s website. Great for any patient going through any type of medical event)
  • Men Against Breast Cancer (my husband has found this group to be really helpful and has enjoyed going to the retreats to share with other men who are caregivers)