Chemo Brain! and something else I was going to mention… but can’t remember. ha ha

In February I went to the Breast Cancer Conference and I missed this workshop on Chemo brain. I just listened to it, and it was well worth 50 minutes of my time. It was a great presentation by Dr. Pamela Joyce Shapiro, who not only explained why we get chemo brain, and all of the causes; fatigue, stress, chemicals in chemo, depression, menopause, lack of estrogen, but also what we can do about it. She went through some of the things that can help cognitive function. After listening to this, I don’t feel so alone. I HAVE aged, and just because I look young doesn’t mean my brain is young anymore. But she did say if we exercise, eat healthy, and really stretch our brain we can get brain function back! I highly suggest you listen to this free podcast of an awesome workshop on Chemo Brain.  And you won’t feel so alone or powerless!