Medical Marijuana & Cancer treatment

I have died and gone to heaven. This past Tuesday, 63% of Massachusetts voters said Yes to Question 3, to Legalize Medical Marijuana. Hallelujah! 63% of my fellow voters must know someone who has a chronic illness like multiple sclerosis or ALS or have gone through cancer treatment. Please don’t take my joy for this law the wrong way, I am not a pot head. But if my cancer comes back or my fibromyalgia is no longer in control by acupuncture and chinese medicine, I am going to get me some marijuana. It helps with nausea from cancer treatment, restores appetite and manages pain. My oncologist even said they have no drug that works as well as marijuana for nausea. Livestrong wrote a quick to the point article about the Positive Uses of Marijuana for Cancer Patients.

Up until now most people have to break the law to use marijuana, but beginning on January 1, 2013, the citizens of Massachusetts don’t have to break the law, they can get a prescription from their doctor.  35 dispensaries will be set up by January 1, 2014 within Massachusetts.

Recently, a friend of mine was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer that went to her lungs. She was coughing so hard she broke a rib. Now she couldn’t inhale marijuana smoke because of obvious reasons but she could eat it. And completely unrelated, I enjoy baking. I’m sorry but if a friend of mine is going through a bad time and I have access to helping her feel better- I am going to do it.

So thanks Massachusetts voters for giving us a way to help chronically ill patients. I’m so proud of us!

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