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My life with the BRCA 2 gene, and how I got there.

Angelina Jolie wrote an eloquent, well written op-ed piece in the NY Times today “My Medical Choice”, that really inspired me to share my story and tell you what it was like to be told you have the BRCA gene.  If you are familiar with my site you know that I will talk about anything- […]

What Cancer Patients should Eat by Chef Gloria Bakst

Gloria B. is a personal Chef in the Boston area who has experience cooking for cancer patients undergoing active treatment. She also is a personal chef to non-cancer patients who just want to change the way they eat, lose weight, improve your overall health. Here is a blog post from Gloria for CancerVictory! Thanks Gloria! […]

Happy Thanksgiving! What I am Grateful for…

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! I am so grateful for all of you, for my amazing husband who has been so supportive, for Olga, my dear friend and right hand woman. And for my family and friends. And for my health.  I am very lucky indeed. You are all riding this roller coaster of a life with […]

Rehab and Physical Therapy after Cancer treatment & surgeries!

I was reading this great article, “Survivors Face a Major Gap in Post-Cancer Care”, on the other day and it brought up a good point, that most of the doctor’s never mention you should go to physical therapy after breast cancer surgeries and or radiation. As a cancer survivor I have to said it […]

Medical Marijuana & Cancer treatment

I have died and gone to heaven. This past Tuesday, 63% of Massachusetts voters said Yes to Question 3, to Legalize Medical Marijuana. Hallelujah! 63% of my fellow voters must know someone who has a chronic illness like multiple sclerosis or ALS or have gone through cancer treatment. Please don’t take my joy for this […]

No Pink Ribbons, please.

So it may come as a shock to most of you reading this. (although it can’t be much of a shock if you read my homepage)  This Breast Cancer survivor is not a fan of pink ribbons. And it’s not because I don’t see the value in raising awareness of the reality of Breast Cancer. […]

The New Me, The Journey continues for this Cancer Survivor

The more I read, the more I learn, and the more passionate I get. My Dad recently joked that the list of things Karen is passionate about is as long as a super-sized paper towel roll. And I will agree with that. I no longer believe that just because you are predisposed to a particular […]

Am I a survivor? Or is there a better word?

So I was having dinner the other night with 2 friends who are young cancer survivors like me and we were talking about the label “survivor”.  We don’t like it. We really have never felt comfortable calling ourselves that. And when does that actually take effect? After diagnosis? chemo? surgery? done with active treatment completely? […]

Now What? A Patient’s Guide to Recovery After Mastectomy

Now What?: A Patient’s Guide to Recovery after Mastectomy by Amy Curran Baker This is by far not a sexy topic to write about- but like all things CancerVictory, it’s an extremely practical book. My hat is off to Amy Curran Baker for tackling this issue. And it’s a good book- well researched, well thought-out […]

2 Books that you MUST get for every Cancer Patient

These are 2 books I highly recommend. If you have limited time, energy and money to invest in reading right now- these are the 2 books that are worth your limited resources. Both of these books I have enjoyed reading immensely and they have changed my life.  One is the essential cookbook for cancer patients, […]